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Super power within your network: How attractions & leisure providers multiply their reach and revenue with affiliate links

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Sara Russo
June 27, 2024


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Discover the secret weapon for your success: affiliate links from bookingkit. This proven strategy from e-commerce is now finding its way into the world of attractions and leisure providers. With affiliate links, you can effortlessly expand your reach and generate additional revenue by building a diverse sales network of resellers and partners. This allows you to reach completely new target groups and benefit from the recommendations of your partners. 

The specially developed affiliate links make it easy to track and allocate bookings so that you always have an overview. Use this guarantee of success to make your business even more successful. With bookingkit by your side, you can be sure that you will achieve your marketing goals in a relaxed and efficient way. Start now and discover how affiliate links can multiply your reach and revenue.

Basic process

This efficient process allows you to increase both your reach and your sales, while your resellers benefit from additional revenue.

1. Selection & creation

Firstly, you decide which of your resellers are authorized to use affiliate links with bookingkit Reach. Then bookingkit creates specific affiliate links for each reseller. These links are provided with tracking parameters that enable precise tracking and allocation. You alone have control over the UTM parameters and decide whether the link should lead to the landing page or the widget.

2. Use of affiliate links

As soon as these specific links have been created, your resellers use them in their channels. This can be on their own website, in social media, email campaigns or even in offline materials such as flyers.

3. Allocation & provisioning

If a booking is made via one of these affiliate links, it is assigned to the reseller in bookingkit Reach. As usual, you will receive the full amount of the booking directly. At the end of the month, the reseller’s profit share is automatically calculated and you can easily settle orders with your partners.

Affiliate links in three easy steps

Affiliate links without affiliate?

You can also decide to create a link without associating it with any resellers and use it for yourself. That way you can create your own campaign and keep an eye on its performance very easily.

Enable your resellers

Once authorized, your resellers are able to create affiliate links connected to your offer themselves. This way you skip a step, have less effort and your resellers can sell faster and more flexibly.

Advantages for providers

By using affiliate links, providers can effectively increase both their reach and their sales and at the same time build up a network of partners that helps them to achieve their marketing goals in the long term. Here are the main added values:

  • Traffic: Affiliates simply bring more visitors to your website.
  • Increased sales: Affiliate links generate direct revenue.
  • No risk: You only pay if the booking is successful.
  • New target groups: You reach people outside your bubble.
  • Effective conversion: Direct recommendation by resellers is convincing.
  • Scalability: Your affiliate programme can be expanded as required.
  • SEO: Affiliate links improve your search engine ranking.
  • Analyses: You receive valuable data to optimise your marketing.
Affiliate links: advantages for providers

Advantages for sellers / affiliate partners

Affiliate partners can enjoy numerous benefits through the use of affiliate links. These range from financial incentives to strategic marketing benefits that strengthen their position and success in the market. Here is an overview of the most important benefits:

  • Commission: Direct profit sharing on every sale
  • Better service: Through pre-selection and recommendation of offers
  • Context: Enrichment of your own presence with suitable offers
  • Low risk: No storage or dispatch of products necessary
  • Flexibility: Independent decision on when and how to advertise
  • Diversification: Promote different products and services
  • Reach growth: Larger following through attractive offers
  • Network building: Establish valuable partnerships and contacts
Affiliate links: advantages for resellers and affiliate partners

Background: What are affiliate links?

Affiliate means to be linked together. This usually refers to a provider and one or more sellers who are trying to sell something together in an affiliate programme. 

Affiliate links are special URL links generated as part of this partnership that lead to the corresponding offer. These are actively used by the sellers to draw people’s attention to the offer and generate sales. 

If someone clicks on it and a purchase or booking is made, the affiliate partner earns a commission. Affiliate links typically contain tracking parameters in order to attribute traffic and successful bookings to the respective seller.

Significance, data & facts about affiliate links

These statistics and studies prove the effectiveness and importance of affiliate links in digital marketing and support the decision to use this strategy in the area of attractions and leisure offers.

Share of affiliate marketing in e-commerce sales

12:1 ROAS 
Average return on advertising spend 

80+ % 
of advertisers use affiliate marketing 

of US content creators use affiliate commissions as an important source of income

of Instagram affiliate influencers are active in the lifestyle & leisure sector

Percentage of affiliate marketing budgets that will increase in the next 12 months

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Sara Russo

Sara started her career as a translator before moving into content creation, SEO and social media marketing. At bookingkit she works as Junior Marketing Manager for the Italian market. In her free time she enjoys music and concerts, food and cooking, and discovering new things and places.

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