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The Booking System for DMOs

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Destination management system made specifically for DMOs

Find the perfect solution for your destination

As a DMO you are perceived as an essential driver for innovation. Whether you are looking for the best tools for your operators or you simply want to generate bookings directly, bookingkit has you covered. 

Thanks to our award-winning concept of strategic DMO partnerships, benefit from our extensive experience working directly with destinations, and get started today!

Our Clients

Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Drive innovation

Many operators still rely on pen & paper, Excel or self-made booking systems, so help them digitize and grow their business through a simple and cost-effective solution like bookingkit, and at a special negotiated rate for your operators.


Strengthen marketing

Market tours & activities in your destination online. You have the option of integrating our API and providing other partners such as hotels with bookingkit reach, our online platform for reselling experiences.


Exceed expectations

Flexibility and speed are key for visitors and guests when finding and booking tours or activities online. As a DMO, you enable exactly that and thus enormously improve the holistic experience of visitors to your region.

Online ticketing system for Jump Houses & Trampoline Parks

Grow your reach

Increase the visibility and appeal of your destination by helping visitors find and book exciting experiences

  • No matter where your visitors come from, help their imagination soar by showing them a wide variety of in-destination tours, activities & attractions which they can book directly through your website
  • Connect directly to all of the most important marketing channels preferred by your local operators
  • Display localized experience descriptions in various different languages and provide a variety of different payment options to accommodate your international visitors

Broaden your local connections

Increase your local relevance by involving all stakeholders

bookingkit is an open system, facilitating connections between local operators, hotels and other organizations to digitally resell tickets for local activities via our online platform: bookingkit reach.

  • Operators themselves can also easily become resellers of other relevant tours, activities or attractions, thus deepening even more your local connections
  • This solution is free of charge for all resellers

What we do works

We have already helped digitize over 100 European destinations

Our close partnerships with DMOs have helped us put together an award-winning Strategic Partnerships Concept for the German Tourism Prize in 2019. 

In order to implement this expertise and strategy, we work closely with our partners, support you with stakeholder communication, host virtual or in-person local workshops, and count with a great dedicated support team that speaks your language.