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Highest Security & Service Standards

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Highest Security & Service Standards

Reliable, trustworthy, absolutely secure.

To ensure the constant availability of our solution, the processing of ticket bookings, payments and voucher redemptions, we at bookingkit rely on industry best practices, excellent IT Infrastructure & the highest data security

Benefits of online booking through a customised booking software

  • Highest availability

    99.99999% uptime through the use of industry-leading technology

  • Reliable backup systems

    Using extensive backup routines, we ensure hourly recovery points

  • AWS data storage in Germany

    End user data is stored by AWS on German servers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Highest possible payment security

    Our payment partner Stripe is PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

  • Seamless encryption

    System-wide assurance of data integrity through SSL encryption

  • Routine incident management

    Fast, competent emergency response team to resolve security threats

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All user data is stored and managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Frankfurt am Main Germany. AWS data centers follow the highest standards in data security.


Our systems had an uptime of over 99.9999% over the last 2 years. We ensure a high uptime by using industry-leading technology and robust Quality Assurance practices.


Full backups of all data are performed at least every 60 minutes. Our Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 1 hour. After a major incident, our Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 24 hours.



  • Standard Email and Password Authentication System
  • Extra security through your own single sign-on systems
  • Password strength through automated algorithm

All software users have to authenticate through a standard email and password authentication system. To ensure password strength we deploy an automated algorithm that measures length, complexity, and unpredictability, and does not allow weak passwords to be used.


All data from and to our systems is encrypted using SSL, thus ensuring data integrity during transport for all users, be it end users who buy a ticket or users that manage their companies via our software.

Incident Management


Should we discover a security breach, we take the following steps: Our emergency team will identify the threat as soon as possible and close any ongoing leaks


The team will investigate the root cause and deploy a long-term fix for the specific or similar security threats.

Report & Impact

An incident report will be created that documents the impact of the incident, affected customers or users, the root cause of the issue and the actions that were taken to mitigate a further security risk. If appropriate, affected users will be notified of the breach and offered a full report of the impact on them.


A review of security-related processes will take place and measures will be implemented to lower the likelihood of a similar security threat in the future.

Pen Testing

Every single release of our software is tested using automated penetration tests. This allows us to safely release new versions of our software multiple times a week, which in turn guarantees you a constantly up-to-date system.

Explore more bookingkit features

  • Explore more bookingkit features

  • Checkout Widget
      • Drive more bookings
      • Conversion-optimized
      • SEO-optimized
      • Simple on-page integration

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  • Vouchers & Coupons
      • Instant cashflow
      • Easy setup & redemption
      • +20% revenue
      • More flexibility for your customers

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  • Resource Management
      • Automatic resource allocation
      • Linked to available slots
      • Avoid overbooking
      • Diversify your offer

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  • bookingkit reach
      • Digitize your reseller network
      • Free for resellers
      • Grow your customer base
      • No installation required

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  • Analysis & Optimization
      • All performance data at a glance
      • Make data-driven decisions
      • Effortlessly optimize capacity
      • Get the most out of your experiences

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  • Marketing Channels
      • All channels at your fingertips
      • Select your preferred channels
      • Centrally synchronize availabilities 
      • Choose which experiences to promote

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  • Email Automation
      • Full control over customer communication
      • Optimize processes via automated emails
      • Send GDPR-compliant email campaigns
      • Incentivize reviews & build customer loyalty

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