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The Booking System for Waterparks

Booking system for Waterparks
Online ticketing system for Waterparks
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Fully integrated booking solution

Transforming waves into unforgettable experiences with our booking solution

In the world of water adventures, the magic lies not just in the splash, but in the seamless flow of operations. Whether you are an indoor or autodoord waterpark, bookingkit allows you to engage with guests on a deeper level, providing important updates, special offers, and reminders, and therefore fostering a relationship that extends beyond their visit.

Here’s why an excellent online ticketing system isn’t just a convenience but a necessity for waterparks. 

Our Clients

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Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Save Time & Effort – Less Hassle

Sell tickets through our responsive, conversion-optimized checkout and automated customer communication.


Improve Customer Experience

Provide an easy, hassle-free booking and ticket validation process for your customers, from pay to play.


Generate More Revenue

Promote your experience on marketing channels all over the world with just a couple clicks.

Automated ticketing for Waterparks

All ticket types supported

Timeslot, full-day, group tickets & vouchers

Enable visitors to book tickets online, providing them with the convenience of planning their visit from the comfort of their homes. This accessibility encourages more people to visit your indoor or outdoor waterpark throughout the year.

  • Tickets can be bought 24/7 on your own website, via any device
  • All major payment methods supported
  • A PDF or Wallet ticket is sent automatically via email post-purchase
  • Ticket types are flexible, depending on your needs
  • Fully leverage peak times and help distribute capacity via timeslot tickets
  • Integrates with all major Entry Management Systems
  • … Or opt for our bookingkit ticket scanning & POS devices
Centralized booking, administration and marketing solution for Waterparks

Take a break

We adjust to your business

Outdoor waterparks are dependent on both the weather and the seasons. With bookingkit you now have the opportunity to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary expenses during the off-season

  • Set seasonal breaks for your business with bookingkit
  • All monthly fees are paused for the duration of the season
  • Continue selling tickets and vouchers all year round


bookingkit marketing platforms

Partnerships & Resellers

Create your own distribution network with bookingkit reach

You work with your own partners like hotels or tourism marketing organizations who resell your tickets? Digitize your existing reseller operations & broaden your network with bookingkit reach!

  • Fully digital B2B reselling portal: collaborate with local resellers (e.g. agents, tourism associations, hotels) to promote your offer in the local market
  • Resellers can purchase tickets 24/7 through the online portal, no setup required
  • Set individual commissions for each connected reseller
  • Connect to other resellers in your area through our network
  • Allow your resellers to get their own extranet access fast, easily and without costs