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Centralized Administration


Business administration made easy and frictionless.

Many operators are forced to spend too much time on daily management tasks. Manual operations like handling cancellations or synchronizing availabilities and resources across multiple sales channels are highly time-consuming and distract from actually developing your business. Think of bookingkit as the central operating system for your business, capable of handling all of your bookings, participants, customer communication, marketing channels, cancellations, inventory, analytics, etc. all in one place!

Features of centralized booking administration

  • Content management

    unified descriptions, images, videos and highlights for all of your experiences, products and vouchers across all your sales channels, like your website, POS system, distribution channels and resellers.

  • Capacity management

    Keep availabilities, prices in sync across all sales channels, to ensure your available spots are constantly booked

  • Resource management

    link rooms, vehicles and other material to the availability of your experiences and never worry about being able to host your experience

  • Smooth daily operations

    including calendar overviews, calendar sync, appointments and day checklists, participant check-ins, mobile app ticket scanning, and payment overview

  • Order management

    Process rescheduling, cancellations and refunds centrally and automatically, including email notifications and invoicing.

  • Revenue analysis

    View statistics and gain actionable insights regarding your best performing revenue sources, most popular dates, time frames, experiences, etc.


Manage all bookings in one place

Whether you sell on your website, via sales channels, via resellers or all of the above, manage all of your descriptions, bookings and operations in one place.


  • Centralize your experience descriptions, photos, highlights, availability etc. and push them to all your sales channels. Any change made is reflected immediately, thus keeping your image cohesive.
  • Manage all bookings, regardless of their source, in one dashboard
  • Automate daily operations like customer communication, cancellations and refunds, and connect all daily operations software, such as Zapier, Mailchimp, etc., with your bookingkit.

Leverage your centralized data

Use the centralization of your customer and revenue data to improve processes, offers and boost revenue.


  • Gain actionable operational insights – understand exactly which of your sales channels or experiences are performing best, that you can further boost them or restructure your offer.
  • Build customer loyalty – all of your customer data is collected in a GDPR-compliant manner, allowing you to further market to them, prompting them to repeat an experience or try a new one, sending discounts, etc. 

Why your business needs bookingkit

  • Save time & effort

    Having all of your operations under one roof allows you to simplify and connect processes, to ensure less manual effort for your employees and a more seamless experience for your customers.

  • Award-winning technology

    We develop to the highest standards of German engineering and security, while still committing to open technology that allows us to better partner with marketing channels and other software, all with the goal of making your life even easier.

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Managing your business has never been easier!