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The Booking System for Zoos & Aquariums

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The booking system for expert capacity management

Your central booking management system

Keeping a steady flow of visitors is ideal, but easier said than done. Especially capacity management and having a close eye on your maximum allowed visitors is key when it comes to safety reasons. So how can you balance a reduced capacity and still generate revenue? 

bookingkit has the features you need to answer this question, and to make sure you’re getting the most out of every ticket purchased or booked.

Our Clients

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Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Manage capacity

Encourage pre-booking by offering a streamlined and intuitive online booking process via your own website and sales channels.


Leverage sales channels

Easily manage your connected channels & identify the best performing ones so you can further optimize ticket sales.


Expand your offer

You offer simple entries, but also concerts, guided tours, etc. – all of these can be selected, bundled or added in the checkout process.

Online ticketing system for Jump Houses & Trampoline Parks

Maximize your capacity utilization

Encourage online pre-bookings

  • Boost direct bookings thanks to our intuitive, streamlined, fully-customizable and conversion-optimized ticket shop which embeds directly within your website
  • Single entry, day tickets, group tickets and vouchers can be set up and sold with just a couple clicks
  • Cross-sell related items or experiences within the ticket checkout
  • Connect directly to +50 marketing channels worldwide
online booking solution tours, activities and attractions

Centralised channel management

Manage all of your sales channels from one software

Think of bookingkit as the “CMS” for your experiences: you set up your experience description, images, availability, etc. and bookingkit pushes this information to all of your directly integrated OTAs and sales channels, keeping them up to date in real-time. 

  • Save time and manual effort in keeping your accounts updated
  • Manage bookings from all sales channels in your bookingkit account
  • Our dashboard will help you gain actionable insights on which channel is performing best, and help inform your quotas

Fully digitized reseller network

bookingkit reach: your B2B reseller network

Do hotels, tourism agencies, venues or other companies resell tickets for your attraction? If so, bookingkit reach digitizes these relationships, allowing your resellers to book online directly at your pre-agreed discounted rate.

  • All bookings are centralized in your bookingkit account
  • No need for manual bookings or double checking availability
  • Built-in search functionality

If not, then you should expand your sales network by connecting with interested resellers in your area thanks to our marketplace!

Checklist: The Zoo & Aquarium visitor experience of the future

From tickets to visitors & occupancy – we have compiled a compact checklist of what is important when choosing the right booking software.