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The Booking System for City Tours, Bike Tours & Scooter Tours

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Make your tours a sell-out

Online bookings made easy and fun with Europe’s leading booking software for on and offroad tours

Whether you offer nature discovery tours or sightseeing tours by bike, segway, quad, car,  scooter or rickshaw, they all come with their unique challenges, and having a reliable booking system can make all the difference.

Imagine having to handle multiple vehicles or tour guides at the same time in different locations: exhausting, right? Our online ticketing solution offers several benefits, including selling tickets on the go, 24/7, and streamlining your operations (e.g. centrally managing bookings, resources and capacity), while enhancing the overall guest experience.


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Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Grow your market reach

Leverage our vast network of integrated marketing channels to help new customers discover your tour.


Simplify administration

One convenient dashboard to manage all aspects of your business: your calendar, attendees, invoices, resources, and many more.


Manage your resources

Bookable slots are automatically contingent on the availability of your vehicle, and updated across all sales channels in real-time.

online bookings for city tours

Centralized Operations & Administration

Simplify your daily work

Managing your business operations efficiently is key to success, and our advanced ticketing solution is specifically designed to help you manage reservations, resources, and customer data all in one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools and reducing operational complexity. 

  • Easily manage all bookings in one dashboard, no matter where they come from
  • Experience descriptions, photos, availability, and all updates immediately synchronized on all sales channels
  • All important information (bookings, statistics, marketing channels, etc.) at a glance
  • Automated daily operations like customer communication, cancellations, refunds and invoicing
  • Calendar overviews and sync to keep track of all appointments and check-ins
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Boost Sales

Develop your own sales network

Relying solely on direct bookings might limit the exposure of your services. Integrating local resellers and OTAs into your sales network helps you diversify the distribution channels, reduce dependency, enhance brand visibility, and maximize revenue.

  • Sell your experiences on all major OTAs (GetYourGuide, Tripadvisor, Groupon, etc.) to attract new customers from various regions
  • Get full control over capacity allocation per individual sales channel
  • Reduce errors and overbookings by centralizing booking information and real-time synchronization among all sales channels
  • Drive more bookings via Google Things to do: by using a compatible booking system like bookingkit, a booking page is automatically generated according to Google’s specifications
  • Fully digital B2B reselling portal: Collaborate with local resellers (e.g. agents, tourism associations, hotels) to promote your offer in the local market
  • Allow your resellers to get their own extranet access fast, easily and without costs


resource allocation for your city tours

Automatic Resource Allocation

Easily handle all types of resources

Investing in advanced resource management tools, like our booking software, equips your business with the capabilities to optimize operations, achieve higher efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to your customers. 

  • Freely define and experiment with your resources in order to create the perfect experience and minimize downtime
  • Automatically link vehicles, personnel, equipment, etc. to the availability of your experiences
  • As soon as someone books one of your tours, the system reduces the number of available resources, e.g. vehicles
  • Avoid costly manual errors and last-minute cancellations or rectifications and save time

Easy Money Flows

Secure online prepayment policies

Embracing online payments can definitely reshape the way operators offering rail tours or guided tours by bike, car or scooter conduct their business. By integrating prepayment solutions, you not only enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the number of no-shows or last-minute cancellations, but also streamline your business operations.

  • All major payment methods and currencies supported by our payment provider Stripe
  • Direct access to the funds into your Stripe wallet
  • Visualize income generated by different payment methods
  • Smooth withdrawal from your Stripe wallet to your bank’s business account
  • Easily send partial or full refunds or offer a voucher in exchange for a refund