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Icon resource management

Smart & Automatic Resource Allocation

Icon resource management

Smart & Automatic Resource Allocation

Stress-free, efficient and sales-boosting!

With bookingkit’s resource management you can easily create and track resources, such as rooms, equipment, staff or vehicles, and link them to individual experiences, so that your offer is not only based on available slots but also on relevant resources.

Benefits of Automatic Resource Management:

  • More choice for participants

    Offer multiple variations of a single experience to boost sales

  • Automatic allocation of resources

    When a ticket is booked, the allocated resource is automatically reduced

  • No error-prone, manual matching

    Resource management works autonomously and reduces risk of manual errors.

  • No risk of overbooking

    If all resources are in use, linked experiences can no longer be booked

  • Optimal utilization

    Use a wider range of offers in conjunction with resource management to optimize your capacity utilization

  • Develop your offer further

    Experiment with different resource combinations in order to create the perfect experience

bookingkit handles any type of resource

You have many resources and need to keep track of them? bookingkit’s automated resource management is the best solution!


Freely define your resources and link them to the corresponding experiences.

An Escape Game operator can designate individual “rooms” and “game masters” as resources, while a Cooking School can designate cookery sets as their resource.

Regardless of the type of item in question, resource management makes it easier for you to manage by automatically allocating rooms, personnel, equipment, etc. You save time, energy and avoid any costly manual errors, while allowing you to diversify your offer even more!

One room, three sports

You own a gym and offer basketball, handball and volleyball classes? Without the smart resource management of our software, you would have to run the courses one after the other to offer them all. With the tool, you have the ability to make all the courses available at the same time. As soon as a booking for one sport is received, the hall is automatically blocked for the other sports.

Whatever floats your boat!

You offer boat tours and need to make sure that the right vehicle is available for each tour? bookingkit resource management will allow you to directly connect your offer to the availability of the boat, so that no cancellations or rectifications need to be issued last-minute!

50 bikes, three different tours

You offer guided city tours by bike and have 50 bikes? Then you probably assigned 10 bikes to each tour and had to redistribute them and readjust your offer if a tour was particularly popular. With our software’s resource management, this is now automatic. As soon as someone books a tour, the system reduces the available number of bikes.

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