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Automate your customer communication

icon email automation

Automate your customer communication

Less typing, more sales!

Whether for booking confirmation, ticket sending, appointment reminders or for targeted marketing emails – with a large number of bookings, communication causes a lot of time consumption. Not so with bookingkit, thanks to email automation!

bookingkit’s email automation is your central tool for service and sales:

  • Sending tickets to your customers

    In case of a successful booking your customers will receive an information and their ticket

  • Pre-event reminders

    Remind your customers in time of their booked experience

  • Notification of changes

    Notify all attendees of any important last-minute changes or cancellations

  • Generate repeat sales

    Sell souvenirs, incentivize repeat visits or promote vouchers after the experience

  • Promote customer loyalty

    Use positive experiences and discounts via email to build customer loyalty

  • Incentivize reviews & referrals

    Request feedback, collect reviews and encourage referrals

Full control over your customer communication

bookingkit gives you full control over all automated emails between you and your end customers.



In your bookingkit, you can easily control how frequently and with what information your participants are contacted.

Standards include:

  • booking confirmations with ticket attachments
  • appointment reminders
  • change notifications
  • cancellations
  • review requests

Aftersales as an important sales pillar

Aftersales emails allow you to contact your customers again, a designated period of time after an experience has taken place. 


This offers many opportunities to boost your sales both directly and indirectly. You determine the content and are therefore free to decide what to focus on: customer retention, promotions, discounts, or requesting feedback on the most popular review portals. No matter what you decide, you should make use of this important feature!

GDPR-compliant email campaign manager

Create a fully GDPR-compliant newsletter campaign with only a couple clicks from your customer area. Set this up in a matter of minutes thanks to our comprehensive templates for all seasons, occasions and promotion types, or customize the content based on your specific needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • 100% GDPR compliant offers via newsletter to your customers

  • Campaigns created quickly and easily in 5 steps

  • Texts and design automatically stored for future reuse

  • Automatically maintained recipient lists

  • No additional email software needed

  • Included in every bookingkit package

Explore more bookingkit features

  • Explore more bookingkit features

  • Vouchers & Coupons
      • Instant cashflow
      • Easy setup & redemption
      • +20% revenue
      • More flexibility for your customers

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  • IT Security & Service
      • German engineering
      • Internationally compliant
      • Highest availability & standards
      • Data security & encryption

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  • Resource Management
      • Automatic resource allocation
      • Linked to available slots
      • Avoid overbooking
      • Diversify your offer

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  • bookingkit reach
      • Digitize your reseller network
      • Free for resellers
      • Grow your customer base
      • No installation required

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  • Analysis & Optimization
      • All performance data at a glance
      • Make data-driven decisions
      • Effortlessly optimize capacity
      • Get the most out of your experiences

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  • Centralized Booking Calendar
      • One central booking calendar
      • Synchronized across all devices
      • Always updated in real-time
      • Gain a micro & macro view

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  • Marketing Channels
      • All channels at your fingertips
      • Select your preferred channels
      • Centrally synchronize availabilities 
      • Choose which experiences to promote

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