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Actionable business insights

icon analisys

Actionable business insights

Use your own data to optimize time, effort and revenue!

Don’t just rely on your gut feeling when making decisions about your business. That’s what bookingkit’s powerful analysis tools are for! Discover unused sales potential, focus on top performers in sales and further development of your business based on actionable insights.

This is what our analysis dashboards offer:

  • All data at a glance

    Quickly grasp the essential performance metrics of your business

  • Overview of bookings

    Stay informed about the current status of your bookings at any time

  • Compare sales performance

    Keep an eye on your best performing experiences, channels, payment methods, etc.

  • Identify top sales channels directly

    Identify the most successful revenue generators for your offer at a glance

  • Revenue management tool

    Get data-driven forecasts on the expected utilization of your capacity

  • Yield Management

    Get suggestions on how best to optimize your performance and revenue

Understand your business performance

It’s not always easy to understand at a glance how your business is performing at a certain moment or under certain conditions. With bookingkit you will be able to analyze your revenue and experience performance to learn more about its strengths and weaknesses. Utilization, distribution channels and revenue – find out more about how your business works and improve performance.

Everything under one roof and at a glance

On the home page, you’ll find all the important information about your company at a glance, along with statistics on monthly sales, sales channel performance, all open and confirmed booking requests, a thumbnail overview of the calendar and your next activities, etc. so you can react quickly right upon login!

Accounting becomes a breeze

In the future, bookkeeping will practically take care of itself! bookingkit prepares all data clearly and you receive all necessary documents for you to simply forward to your tax agency. In addition, you can search for individual invoices, participants, bookings and vouchers in seconds.

Which sales channel is the most successful?

In your bookingkit you can see at a glance where your customers come from and which sales channel working the best for your business. Your own website? Bookings via phone? Sales portals like Viator or GetYourGuide.? bookingkit makes your business transparent and allows you to manage your capacities even better in the future.

Peek into the future with bookingkit!

With our “Yield Management” function you can find out the expected occupancy and number of participants for all your experiences and appointments. Our unique algorithm which evaluates past and actual data automatically and in real-time grants you actionable insights which you can use to adjust your offers accordingly, and helps you decide whether to give last-minute discounts or optimize contingents with your marketing partners. 

This is the easiest way to optimize your revenue and profits! bookingkit is the first and only booking system for Tours, Activities & Attractions worldwide to include such a feature, which has been used as a proven winner within the aviation industry for decades.

Explore more bookingkit features

  • Explore more bookingkit features

  • Centralized Booking Calendar
      • One central booking calendar
      • Synchronized across all devices
      • Always updated in real-time
      • Gain a micro & macro view

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  • Checkout Widget
      • Drive more bookings
      • Conversion-optimized
      • SEO-optimized
      • Simple on-page integration

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  • Vouchers & Coupons
      • Instant cashflow
      • Easy setup & redemption
      • +20% revenue
      • More flexibility for your customers

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  • IT Security & Service
      • German engineering
      • Internationally compliant
      • Highest availability & standards
      • Data security & encryption

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  • Resource Management
      • Automatic resource allocation
      • Linked to available slots
      • Avoid overbooking
      • Diversify your offer

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  • bookingkit reach
      • Digitize your reseller network
      • Free for resellers
      • Grow your customer base
      • No installation required

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  • Marketing Channels
      • All channels at your fingertips
      • Select your preferred channels
      • Centrally synchronize availabilities 
      • Choose which experiences to promote

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  • Email Automation
      • Full control over customer communication
      • Optimize processes via automated emails
      • Send GDPR-compliant email campaigns
      • Incentivize reviews & build customer loyalty

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