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The Booking System for Boat Tours

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Centralized booking management

Gain more revenue from your boat tours with bookingkit

As part of an adrenaline rush or simply as a great way to explore a city or region, boat tours are a beloved in-destination activity. 

Allow tourists & locals to easily discover your tour and quickly guarantee their spot by allowing direct booking on your own website, or via our integrated marketing partner channels like GetYourGuide and Viator.

Our Clients

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Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Generate direct bookings

Allow customers to book and pay for your tour or for vouchers directly from your website, 24/7, via any device.


Manage your resources

Bookable slots are automatically contingent on the availability of your fleet, and updated across all sales channels in real-time.


Grow your reach

Leverage our vast network of integrated marketing channels, to help new customers discover your tour.


Improved capacity utilization

Always operate at capacity

  • Online prepayment results in 5x less no-shows
  • Any changes to your availability is automatically updated across your website and all sales channels, to increase your chances of filling open spots
  • Easily offer discounts to incentivize bookings for low season or tours with lower attendance
  • Maximize your turnover by selling additional products at checkout, such as merchandise, packages or photo shoots
Always operate at capacity

Resource management

Make your availability automatically contingent on resources

Make free bookable slots contingent on the availability of your personnel or your fleet. Adequate personnel ensures smooth operations, offering reliability in conducting tours, while a sufficient fleet means scheduled tours can run without disruptions, ensuring customers receive the services they expect.

  • Should one of your resources become unavailable, be it for a tour or a rental, this will be reflected automatically on your ticket slots, not only on your own website, but across all sales channels
  • Efficient resource allocation allows you to optimize your operations and eliminate the risk of overbooking
  • Adjust your offering based on varying demand. During peak seasons or sudden spikes in bookings, having adequate resources enables scalability without compromising service quality
  • Deliver a smooth experience
Offline ticket purchase

Fully mobile

Both bookings and their management can be done on-the-go

Your customers can book from any device, which means that both pre-planned and spur-of-the-moment buying decisions can be easily handled. With bookingkit you can access real-time information about reservations, cancellations, and customer inquiries, thus minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

  • Whether the booking happens on- or offline, both can be handled easily within your bookingkit account
  • Our POS solutions & smartphone app allow you to also manage bookings on-the-go, whether scanning and redeeming tickets or processing check-ins and cancellations
  • bookingkit offers flexibility to adapt to changing situations, such as last-minute cancellations or new bookings

What they say about us

  • „I can say that bookingkit has been an excellent springboard for the company’s growth.

    Thanks to the bookingkit network and the ease of management, you can save a lot of time and acquire new customers who book easily on an intuitive platform. Because of the rapid increase in bookings, we are already thinking of expanding the fleet and strengthening the network with new partners, especially in the Spanish, American and Asian markets.”

    Antonio Ticca

    Owner & Managing Director, BlueSea Charter & Tour