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15 tips to unlock the power of eCommerce!

We have created this 15-point checklist on what operators of attractions, tours and activities can learn from eCommerce:

  • Get a better understanding of eCommerce
  • How online booking systems and channel managers can help streamline the customer experience
  • Benefits for your business and how to leverage broader eCommerce learnings, tools and trends

How to write the perfect experience description

Find out how to increase your bookings by applying these simple tips!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to find the right tone and style;
  • How to present your text visually;
  • How to make your descriptions more engaging…

…and much more!

Efficiency Guide to Save Energy Costs

In this efficiency guide, we have summarized all the surprising ways in which a booking systems can play a central role in:

  • reducing direct energy costs for heating and lights by digitizing your business administration
  • ways to optimize visitor management with smart tools and automation service
  • additional simple steps towards lower energy costs per person

The Top 10 booking software functions for Amusement Parks

Find in this checklist how bookingkit helps amusement parks achieving:

  • No lines: Binding online presale, time slot tickets and seamless ticket redemption
  • Improved Customer Experience: Optimal, seamless experience for visitors from booking to admission
  • More sales: Reach completely new visitors via international sales partners with just a couple of clicks

Top-10 functions for the Zoo & Aquarium visitor experience of the future

Find in this checklist how bookingkit helps zoo and aquariums achieving:

  • No queues: Binding online presale, time slot tickets and seamless ticket redemption
  • Optimized utilization: Audience flow management through ticket categories, vouchers and flexible prices
  • More comfort: Optimal overall experience for visitors from booking to admission

The 10 most important software functions for museums

Find in this checklist how bookingkit helps museums achieving:

  • More convenience: Seamless overall visitor experience from booking to admission
  • New target groups: Additional appeal to more modern, younger and international visitors
  • No lines: Synchronized availability and binding online advance booking

Valentine’s Day Marketing Checklist

Find in this checklist how bookingkit helps you boosting sales during the Valentine’s season. We can support you creating:

  • Valentine’s Day themed online content and experiences
  • Special offers, including voucher and discounts
  • Wider reach via gift-giving platforms and social media
  • And much more – just download our free checklist

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