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Museums in the Digital Era: The 10 most important booking functions, including tickets, management & marketing.

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Frank Scheibe
May 5, 2022


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Instant booking, direct access and always up to date! No area in our industry has seen as much change and digitization in recent years as that of attractions and cultural institutions. For museums in particular, the key is now to adapt the overall visitor experience to the new possibilities and advancements in online ticketing, to further modernize and thus position themselves for the future.  

We have compiled a compact checklist of what is important when choosing the right booking software:

Tickets & Vouchers In One Place

1. Individual ticket categories

First and foremost, a modern ticketing solution must cover all existing ticket categories, whether for adults, children, concessions or even annual passes. However, the flexibility to easily create new categories and the provision of all booking options across all sales channels are decisive for choosing the right software solution.

2. Group tickets incl. different sizes

The sale of group tickets is also part of the basic repertoire of booking systems like bookingkit. In particular, museum operators are given the opportunity to individually define minimum and maximum group sizes or to adjust them as needed.

3. Public & exclusive tours 

Another important area is the bookability of both public and exclusive guided tours through the museum or a specific exhibition, the availability of which must be closely synchronized with the planning of equipment and personnel. Make sure your chosen software facilitates this type of ticket & resource connection.

4. Events as a visitor magnet

Events (like special workshops or readings), are among the most important instruments for museums to increase awareness to encourage past guests to visit again. These events have to be offered apart from standard tickets and usually require the reservation of certain areas or rooms, for example within the bookingkit resource management. 

5. New target groups through vouchers

bookingkit offers museums a complete solution for the implementation of the entire voucher business – from creation to sales and redemption. In addition, targeted discount promotions can be implemented to optimize occupancy rates. Above all, however, vouchers are excellent for reaching new target groups as gifts. Important note: Revenues from voucher sales are directly available to the museum. 

Harmony Between Visitor Management & Sales

6. Synchronized availabilities 

To offer both on-site sales and online bookings, one crucial thing matters: 100% synchronized availabilities across all sales channels. This includes online channels, such as the company’s own website, but also regional ticket stores and, of course, the company’s own on-site ticket counter.

7. Convenient admission management

Whether online ticket on cell phone or printed out in hand, whether turnstile or reception – all valid tickets should grant immediate access. bookingkit works for this with the most important turnstile systems and offers options for ticket scanning via handheld.

8. Easy integration with existing systems

Modern booking software solutions allow museums to evolve without disrupting already established processes or interrupting operations – flexibly and individually. All that is required is the right digital interfaces and extensive experience with different museums. Important note: The connection of other software tools, such as accounting or e-mail marketing is also gaining importance!

9. Integration with global sales channels

In order to reach new visitor groups, museums need to be present on as many sales platforms as possible – without additional administration effort. bookingkit for example offers a plug-and-play package for the most important international platforms, such as Google things to do, GetYourGuide and Tripadvisor.

10. Simpler, faster processes

A booking system can automate many processes around museum visits thanks to digitization. These include, for example, cancellation management, time slot tickets, flexible pricing and the management of resources such as audio guides. Automatically addressing guests by e-mail also saves time and is less prone to errors. 


A Major Leap Forward For Museums

More convenience 

Seamless overall visitor experience from booking to admission

New target groups

Additional appeal to more modern, younger and international visitors

No lines

Synchronized availability and binding online advance booking

bookingkit offers museums the full range of services to grow their business – from ticket sales to better operations to new audiences.

Satisfied customers all over Europe


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Frank Scheibe

Frank is a tours and activities industry expert. He reports on the latest facts, figures and trends in the bookingkit blog and the bookingkit newsletter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, playing sports and eating good food.

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