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Innsbruck’s Nordkettenbahnen: their success story with bookingkit

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Sara Russo
June 6, 2024


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Digital ascent: How Innsbruck’s Nordkettenbahnen revolutionised their visitor experience and sales with bookingkit

In the heart of Austria, where the mountains touch the sky, the Innsbruck’s Nordkettenbahnen have undergone a remarkable transformation. For over a century, this excursion destination has been delighting tourists with its breathtaking scenery and wide range of leisure activities. But behind the scenes, an even more impressive development has been taking place, revolutionising not only the way visitors experience this natural wonder, but also how the company itself redefines its success.

Before the digital revolution

Before bookingkit came into play, Innsbruck’s Nordkettenbahnen faced a major challenge: Coping with an enormous influx of around 650,000 visitors a year with only two (!) physical ticket counters. Long queues and waiting times were the result, a problem that urgently needed a solution.

A transformative solution

The company experienced a dramatic turnaround with the introduction of bookingkit. The digital booking platform not only offered an efficient alternative to physical ticket offices, but also opened up new distribution channels via affiliated partners and international online travel agencies (OTAs). Real-time synchronisation of availability and automatic updating of weather-related travel times across all platforms are just some of the benefits that bookingkit brought.

Immediate and long-term results

In the short term, the introduction of bookingkit led to noticeably shorter queues and relieved pressure on the checkouts. In the long term, the company was able to expand its distribution network, achieve new sales targets with partners and offer an improved booking experience. The ability to offer new packages, including combinations with gastronomic experiences, played a key role in increasing reach and revenue.

Why bookingkit is the future

The success story of Innsbruck’s Nordkettenbahnen is a shining example of how bookingkit can help experience providers realise their full potential. From efficiently handling large visitor flows to opening up new markets and sales channels, bookingkit provides the tools organisations need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

Download the accompanying case study to find out how you too can make the most of your offering. Start writing your own bookingkit success story today!

Innsbruck's Nordkettenbahnen success story

Sara Russo

Sara started her career as a translator before moving into content creation, SEO and social media marketing. At bookingkit she works as Junior Marketing Manager for the Italian market. In her free time she enjoys music and concerts, food and cooking, and discovering new things and places.

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