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Efficiency Guide: That’s how you reduce energy costs with the help of a booking system



Frank Scheibe
November 23, 2022


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Increased energy costs are a major challenge, especially for operators of attractions, tours and activities. They influence prices, margins and capacity utilization, and thus also the profitability of the respective business model. It is therefore all the more important to recognize and take advantage of all potential areas for savings. To work even more efficiently as a company. In this efficiency guide, we have summarized all the surprising ways in which a booking systems can play a central role in this.

How to reduce variable energy costs

Knowledge is money: Leverage your booking overview for more efficient planning

With a centralized booking system, you always have a complete overview of your bookings. Even if they are from your own website or affiliated resellers such as GetYourGuide, Google Things to do or Tripadvisor. You know in advance whether all rooms are booked. When the first participants will be on site, when the last ones will leave, and much more. And with this you can better foresee needs like heating, lighting and your personnel requirements. In short, your entire resources – which you can plan in advance in a very targeted manner. 

Extra tip: Make booking in advance via your booking system more attractive or a prerequisite for participation in order to take complete control. Be able to manage your resources even more precisely. 

Work from anywhere: Less in-person presence means less commuting 

Booking software is independent of location and can therefore you can use anywhere. The only requirement is a computer or tablet with internet access. This also eliminates the need to be on-site at the office to take bookings. Why heat an office when it’s already warm at home? Why commute and use up gas every day? Although face-to-face meetings with the team are important, they can be much more targeted and on a need-be basis thanks to a modern booking solution.

Idle time is a thing of the past: Identify potential savings through automatic resource management

Resource management and the planning and allocation of equipment, rooms and personnel have a direct impact on energy costs. Using a booking system with resource management will automatically allocate resources most effectively, helping you save costs. Equipment consumes electricity, employees use light and water, and rooms need to be heated. What is in no need you can switch off in advance, and employees who are not on duty can simply stay at home – so you reduce idle time and save unnecessary energy costs.

For the full list of all 10 approaches to lowering energy costs with a booking system, check out our free Efficiency Guide.


Frank Scheibe

Frank is a tours and activities industry expert. He reports on the latest facts, figures and trends in the bookingkit blog and the bookingkit newsletter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, playing sports and eating good food.

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