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Future-proof operation of jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. — 10 crucial functions around tickets, occupancy & visitor experience



Frank Scheibe
May 22, 2023


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Online tickets, direct entry, and all relevant information available at all times. The visitor experience at numerous leisure and cultural offerings has undergone a rapid digital transformation in recent months. Therefore, it is also time for jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. to position themselves future-proof with the help of new digital possibilities and technologies, to optimize processes and to sustainably improve the experience for visitors in all its facets.

We have summarized what you should look out for in a software solution used for these tasks in a short checklist.

Tickets & vouchers in one central platform

Customizable ticket categories

A modern ticketing solution must, of course, first map all existing ticket categories. Whether they are for adults, children, concessions or even annual passes. What is equally important when choosing software, however, is the degree of flexibility it offers to create new ticket categories. Also how make these options available throughout all sales channels.

Tickets for different group sizes

Group tickets are also a standard feature of booking systems like bookingkit. However, jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. also get the opportunity here to set minimum and maximum sizes of groups themselves. Or to adjust them very easily depending on their wishes.

Vouchers for new target groups

For jump houses, trampoline parks & Co., bookingkit offers a complete solution for the implementation of vouchers from creation to sales and redemption. Vouchers helps providers to reach new target groups in the form of a gift. You can use them to implement discount campaigns, for example to optimize capacity utilization. Important: Revenues from voucher sales are directly available to the operator, even if the vouchers have not yet been redeemed. 

Events as a visitor attraction

Whether it’s the start of the vacations, summer festivals and children’s day, or targeted campaigns on sports or acrobatics, these are among the important tools of a jump house or trampoline park. This is because such events create awareness in the immediate environment and encourage previous guests to visit again. On the software side, events must be implemented away from standard tickets and also require the reservation of specific areas or entire facilities. The bookingkit resource management enables exactly that! 

Exclusive reservations

The bookability of exclusive periods, whether for the entire facility or a specific themed area, is another important component. The prerequisite for this is the current display of available spaces and the targeted deployment of personnel. Software solutions provide quite different functional scopes for this.

Successful visitor management

100% synchronized availabilities 

To offer both online bookings and on-site sales, it comes down to one fundamental requirement: The 100% synchronous display of available tickets across all sales channels. This includes online channels, such as your own homepage, the physical ticket counter at the entrance, but also regional ticket stores, among others.

Fast and reliable processes

The vast majority of processes relating to visits to jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. you can automate very easily thanks to digitization. This includes, for example, time slot tickets, flexible pricing, the management of cancellations and resource management. Especially the automated contact with guests via email reduces errors and saves time.

Smooth admission management

Whether printed or digital passes, whether redeemed at a ticket desk or turnstile – all valid tickets should grant visitors direct & easy access. bookingkit not only offers options for ticket scanning via handheld or smartphone app, but also cooperates with the most important international turnstile systems to enable a seamless redemption experience.

Flexible integration with other solutions

Without interrupting already established processes or disrupting operations, jump houses and trampoline parks today can evolve very quickly with a modern software solution. The right digital interfaces to existing solutions is all that you need and other software tools, such as email marketing and accounting. Through this interaction, almost all processes can be automated, accelerated and seamlessly tracked.

National and international sales partners

With the right presence on as many sales platforms as possible, jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. can reach new visitors, whether internationally or spontaneously on site. bookingkit offers a directly integrated plug-and-play package for this purpose for additional sales via the most important international platforms, such as Google things to do, GetYourGuide and Tripadvisor, among others.


A future-proof foundation for jump houses, trampoline parks & Co.

No queues

Binding online presale, time slot tickets and seamless ticket redemption

More comfort 

Optimal overall experience for visitors from booking to admission

Better utilization

Audience flow management through ticket categories, vouchers and flexible prices

bookingkit offers jump houses, trampoline parks & Co. the full range of services for a modern future-proof business strategy – from reliable ticket sales to smooth processes and optimized utilization.

Happy bookingkit clients


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Frank Scheibe

Frank is a tours and activities industry expert. He reports on the latest facts, figures and trends in the bookingkit blog and the bookingkit newsletter. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, playing sports and eating good food.

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