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The Booking System for Museums & Galleries

The booking software for museums
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Less complexity, more revenue

The booking software for museums and galleries that will impress you and your visitors

A high number of visitors, international guests, time slot tickets, daily guided tours, multiple ticket sales channels and convenient entrance management – museums and galleries face numerous challenges to ensure a smooth operational processes. Together with our customers, we have optimized our software to meet exactly these demands.

Customers who we already work with

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Why your business needs bookingkit

With us you get more than just a service.


Sell More Tickets

Embed our checkout system directly on your website, and customize it to match your look & feel.


Boost customers experience

Provide a clear and stress-free booking & ticket validation process that your customers will love


Increase your reach

Market your museum worldwide through the most important marketing channels and a comprehensive digital reseller network.

Offer your customers a seamless experience

Offer your customers a seamless experience from start to finish

360° Ticketing System

  • Automated booking and cancellation management
  • Generation of PDF & Wallet tickets
  • All major payment methods supported
  • Combine your offer with additional products like audio guides or books
  • Ensure optimal capacity utilization through time slot tickets
Professional entry management

Entry management system

Professional entry management: always maintain control

Ensure the satisfaction of your customers and don’t leave them waiting. Define bookable time slots and integrate ticket redemption with your existing entry management system. And if you don’t have an entry management system, we can offer you a fully customized service.

  • Control visitor flows and reduce waiting times with time slot tickets 
  • Optimize your capacity utilization with flexible pricing for specific days and times
  • Fast integration into all common point of sales (POS) systems
  • Individual solutions for your experiences including ticket scanner app, handhelds and a POS system
Centralized operations and administration

Centralized Administration

Centralized operations & administration

Find all important information about current bookings, sales trends and your marketing channels at a glance.

  • Analyze peak visitor times and optimize your offer with flexible prices
  • Calculate future sales figures with our yield management feature
  • Manage resources like rooms, staff and audio guides automatically 
  • Create email campaigns for confirmations, rebookings and marketing actions
  • Connect bookingkit with numerous other software like Mailchimp or Papershift

Checklist: Museums

Tickets, management & marketing – we have compiled a compact checklist of what is important when choosing the right booking software.