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How Castle of Gropparello optimised their revenue with bookingkit

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Martina Marchetti
April 22, 2024


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Are you a leisure provider? Do you own an attraction in Europe and are looking for a way to attract thousands of visitors worldwide and efficiently scale your business? Then we suggest that you continue reading to discover the latest success story from Castle of Gropparello, one of bookingkit’s valued customers from Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Discover how Castle of Gropparello used bookingkit to guarantee cash flow all year round

Castle of Gropparello is a very popular tourist and cultural attraction located in Piacenza. It’s a Medieval castle built in 780 on a primitive Roman fortification, which in 1994 was acquired by the Gibelli family, who made it its home.

The idea of offering experiences arose from the curiosity of children who would visit the castle with their families. As of now, about 50 experiences for different segments (families, corporate, schools) are being offered: from the “Fairytale Park” and guided tours to educational activities, events and weddings. They receive approximately 65-70,000 visitors per year, with peaks of up to 110,000 guests in high season. What an accomplishment!

Why did Castle of Gropparello decide to integrate bookingkit into their website?

It was 2021 and the whole world was slowly emerging from the pandemic. There were many uncertainties to face as well as challenges to overcome for many providers of tours, activities and attractions. The Gibelli family was then looking for a solution that would allow them to overcome three main obstacles:

  • to obtain an advance on earnings;
  • to ensure tourist deseasonalisation; and
  • to connect with several online sales channels.

Based on these premises and after careful consideration, they found bookingkit to be the ideal solution for their needs. Indeed, bookingkit offers them a triple benefit: 

  • a user-friendly checkout widget to sell experiences directly on their own website;
  • a cutting-edge Channel Manager to connect with major marketing platforms (OTAs);
  • an integrated B2B marketplace to resell experiences through their own network of local partners.

Last but not least, bookingkit also ensures ease of use, promptness, reliability, efficiency as well as constant support in their native language.

Maria Rita Trecci Gibelli – Owner & Events Manager

bookingkit has helped us a lot in simplifying our daily operations, because it gets us sales even when we are asleep.

With bookingkit, direct bookings account for +90% 

As of today, +90% of total volume of bookings is placed on the website. Only a smaller portion of the total order volume comes from resellers, mostly local partners.

Thanks to our booking solution:

  • Their experiences are bookable 24/7 on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and from anywhere in the world thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly checkout widget.
  • They can cash out in advance thanks to the pre-sale of tickets and coupons and thus have no shortfall in turnover, even in case of bad weather or no-shows.
  • They can resell their experiences via multiple online sales channels, be they marketing platforms (OTAs) or local partners.
  • And much more…

What’s next for Castle of Gropparello?

Are you interested in knowing more details about Castle of Gropparello and discovering how your business can also benefit from our solution? Then download the full success story for free, and level up your sales game with bookingkit!


Martina Marchetti

Martina started her professional career as a Specialist in SEO content creation and then expanded her knowledge to the Social Media Marketing branch. At bookingkit, she works as Junior Marketing Manager for the Italian market. Passionate about travelling, outdoor activities, writing and cooking, she is always looking for new inspiration and adventures.

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