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Industry Report for Attractions – Key Strategies for 2024

Industry & Trends


Martina Marchetti
February 5, 2024


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We have once again taken the time to take a closer look at our industry. Our latest industry report offers an extensive analysis as well as several forecasts and recommendations. We sat down with the clever minds at Arival and the VDFU and together we developed a couple of strategies that attractions should follow in order to remain competitive in the current market.

The following key areas have emerged:

Optimization of the purchase and visitor experience

  1. The integration of a digital infrastructure for the entire booking process, from ticket purchase and voucher redemption to on-site admission, guarantees smooth visitor management. These are the compulsory requirements for a positive customer experience.

Tapping into new sources of revenue

  1. The relevance of voucher marketing and sales: vouchers can serve as a stabilizing element in terms of revenue if they are an integral part of the marketing strategy of any attraction. 
  2. The adaptation of marketing activities to booking spikes: the targeted use of budgets and resources can save costs and increase sales at the same time.

Small sample of strategies for attractions in 2024

Recommendations from the report include adding “high-performing sales channels” such as GetYourGuide and Headout, investing in sales via Google Things to do, and optimizing digital booking offers in preparation for rising visitor numbers. Not to forget about the importance of digitalization as a tool to improve the customer experience in all its facets.

We want to give you valuable insights and recommendations, but we don’t want to waste your time by reading a long to-do list. That’s why we decided to pick out the most crucial levers so that every provider of attractions, theme parks, amusement parks and recreation parks can get started right away.

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Martina Marchetti

Martina started her professional career as a Specialist in SEO content creation and then expanded her knowledge to the Social Media Marketing branch. At bookingkit, she works as Junior Marketing Manager for the Italian market. Passionate about travelling, outdoor activities, writing and cooking, she is always looking for new inspiration and adventures.

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