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How to write the perfect experience description and generate more bookings

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Chiara Salerno
December 16, 2022


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Getting potential visitors to your website or your experience’s page on an OTA platform is only the first step towards a successful booking. Engaging your audience and convincing them to click on the “Book now” button can be the trump card that will ensure that a user browsing for options when planning their next activity actually becomes a customer.

In this checklist, we have summarized 10 simple tips that will help you write the perfect experience description.

Find your ideal customer and speak to them

The first step to writing compelling experience description is to find the right tone and style. Identify who your average visitor is and what they might be looking for when they are checking out your offer. How old are they? What are their expectations regarding your activity? What information do they need? What would make them happy?

Think of how your description looks like

Your customers won’t be very happy to see a wall of text. First of all, you should aim at making your page easily skimmable so that the most important information is easily identified. Use bullet point lists, bold sentences, paragraphs and headlines. It might sound like a lot for such a short piece of text, but you will definitely reap the benefits of a well-structured, orderly description. Users will find the information they need in seconds and will be more inclined to proceed to the checkout page.

Don’t forget your SEO

Since your experiences are bookable online, you are not only writing for your audience, but also for Google. SEO optimization, however, is not only important for your website, but also for publishing your offer on OTAs. Note: when creating your experience page on OTA platforms, try not to use the same text from your website, as this will negatively affect your Google ranking.

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Chiara Salerno

Chiara is Junior Marketing Manager at bookingkit and writes articles about the latest trends in the attractions, tours and activities industry. Her main passions are travelling and telling stories.

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